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bumping the default Java from 9 to 10 ... and 11

The last security updates for OpenJDK were only released for OpenJDK 10.
OpenJDK 9 is now unsupported upstream.  At some point in the near future we
should switch to OpenJDK 10 as the default JDK (which is supported at least
until early 2019).  At some point the the not so distant future, i.e. before any
Debian freeze, we should switch to OpenJDK 11 as the default JDK.  This is the
OpenJDK which supposedly will see some long term support.  LTS by Oracle/OpenJDK
speaking means twice the time of a short term release (i.e. 12 months); LTS by
Oracle/OpenJDK writing and/or wishful thinking means 36 months.  Please watch
[1] and have your own interpretation.  However it looks like that OpenJDK 11
will see some extended long term support by other contributors.  The fallback
for Debian, if OpenJDK cannot be made the default, would be to default the next
Debian release to OpenJDK 8, which is still supported by OpenJDK (the jdk8u
project handed over to project owners outside of Oracle).

Side note:  The upcoming Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release is shipping with OpenJDK 10 as
the default, hopefully having OpenJDK 9 removed from the archive for the
release.  The goal is to update the 18.04 LTS to OpenJDK 11 once it is released.
 Patches for 10 compatibility are submitted to Debian, or should be submitted
shortly (with Tiago doing most of the work).


[1] https://fosdem.org/2018/schedule/event/state_openjdk/

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