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Re: Eclipse 4.x and Tycho


I see there has been some activity in the pkg-java/tycho repository in the last months. What is the status of the works? Can I help in some way?

I have tried to sbuild the repository, however build fails due to a circular dependency.


Il 19/10/2016 23:14, Markus Koschany ha scritto:

thanks to Emmanuel there is currently some action with Eclipse going on
but I wanted to give a heads-up that I intend to package Tycho soon. My
goal is to package the latest version of Eclipse and probably one or two
useful Eclipse modules to get at least an up-to-date core version into

Everything else from the Eclipse ecosystem would be nice to have too and
there are still many outdated packages in the archive that would benefit
from one or more regular human maintainers. Here is your chance to get

However the update will possibly break the packages that Emmanuel is
fixing at the moment. So perhaps wait a little bit more and don't put
too much energy into those packages. We might need it later. :)



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