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Re: The state of Maven

Le 18/09/2017 à 15:04, Emmanuel Bourg a écrit :

> Quick update from the Maven front:
> - The removal of Maven 2 is almost complete. I'm waiting for
> aether-ant-tasks in the NEW queue to remove maven-ant-tasks, the last
> package holding maven2-core.
> - Some packages still fail to build due to missing junit/junit4
> dependencies. I'm fixing them as they are reported by the reproducible
> builds notifications.
> - The maven dependencies have been further improved, we are now down to
> 37 packages downloaded (11MB) for 15MB on disk. There is still room to
> shave ~2MB more by splitting libwagon2-java.

Hi all,

maven2-core is now gone and the removal of the duplicated dependencies
is almost done. I'm still wondering what to do with the plexus-utils and
plexus-utils2 packages. Ideally like the other plexus packages I'd like
to rename plexus-utils2 to plexus-utils, but plexus-utils has an epoch
and it hurts my sense of aesthetic. So I'm leaning toward keeping
plexus-utils2 and removing plexus-utils. Maybe in a few years once
plexus-utils is long forgotten we'll be able to rename
plexus-utils2->plexus-utils without the epoch.

I've uploaded the last optimizations to the Maven dependencies. Now
installing maven pulls only 32 packages (8.9MB) for 11.7MB on disk,
which is very close to the size of the upstream distribution. At this
point it's difficult to do better. We might be able to reduce the size
of the Maven metadata (/usr/share/maven-repo) which account for ~2MB of
the install size. For example we could use the relocation mechanism to
redirect the versioned poms to the 'debian' ones, this may reduce the
size of the metadata by ~40%. Alternatively we could simply remove the
versioned poms and keep only the generics ones ('debian', 1.x, etc), I
don't think they are really useful.

Emmanuel Bourg

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