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Re: freerouter is seeking for a maintainer

sounds great, thanks!

currently no effort is done from my side to reorganize the stuff in
a debian friendly way, but if you can could give me hints then i'll
do my best... currently the following is provided by me:
- the homepage (freerouter.nop.hu) is the primary publication place.
- there is the source package, http://freerouter.nop.hu/rtr.zip
  which could be browsed online at http://sources.nop.hu/
- as you can see, simple shell scripts are used for build,
  the http://sources.nop.hu/src/c.sh is what compiles a build.
  it could change on request, i'm open to anything...
- there are miscellaneous things at source tree, at
  http://sources.nop.hu/src/zzz/ i think i'll move it
  out from here on demand...
- there are uninteresting subprojects in the code, for example
  http://sources.nop.hu/player/ and http://sources.nop.hu/temper/
  these are not built by the mentioned build script, so could be
  ignored in the source tree.
- the other parts of the code is beleived to be clean, take a look! :)
- the output of the build is the source archive - rtr.zip, the rtr.jar,
  and the rtr.ver. the source could be omitted from it easily, but
  the rtr.ver contains auto-update signature, which also available
  at http://freerouter.nop.hu/rtr.ver, this is checked periodically
  by the boxes configured to do so.
- the rtr.ver's first line is the version number, which is a date
  based one, so the current release is 17.11.1...
- there are 2-3 releases per week
- before each release, a functional self test happens on my boxes,
  this ensures that the release does not break any features.
  the results of it could be found at http://src.nop.hu/src/rtr.html
  also there is a list of features at http://src.nop.hu/src/rtr.ftr
  and an automatic changelog at http://src.nop.hu/changelog.txt
- there is a source/test archive (this box does the tests 0-24)
  found at http://arc.nop.hu/ (this url is tunneled through a
  lot of boxes, and anyway don't use it, just given for ref.)

if have any other questions, feel free to ask,
of if have some ideas how to start, also give me hints!


On 11/01/2017 07:06 PM, Dimas Yudha P. wrote:
Hi matecs

I am interested on doing package..


On Nov 2, 2017 12:06 AM, "matecs" <matecs@niif.hu <mailto:matecs@niif.hu>> wrote:

    i'm the developer of freerouter.nop.hu <http://freerouter.nop.hu>
    which is a free, open source router written in java.
    it can do a lot of fancy networking stuff, mainly focusing on telco
    so except a lot of mpls and related topics from it.
    since it's completely a user-space thing, it is very useful to build
    big topologies to try out things before they hit prod networks.
    anyway it can do a lot more since it's a fully featured router.
    if you're interested in packaging it, please let me know!
    thanks in adance,
    csaba mate
    ps: i've filed a bug (#783482) for it long ago but nothing happened.

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