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Re: The state of Maven

Le 3/08/2017 à 10:31, Emmanuel Bourg a écrit :

> Our maven package was rather fat a few releases
> ago, there was even a Launchpad bug rightfully complaining about it.
> Here is the result of 'apt-get install maven' since Wheezy (with the JRE
> already installed):
>  wheezy:   129 packages, 95.3MB archives, 164MB on disk
>  jessie:   118 packages, 59.5MB archives,  92MB on disk
>  stretch:   82 packages, 29.8MB archives,  41MB on disk
>  unstable:  56 packages, 23.0MB archives,  30MB on disk
> The situation is improving but we can do better. The upstream binary for
> Maven 3.5.0 weighs 8.2MB compressed, 10MB installed, so even with the
> package overhead I expect to halve the current numbers.

Hi all,

Quick update from the Maven front:
- The removal of Maven 2 is almost complete. I'm waiting for
aether-ant-tasks in the NEW queue to remove maven-ant-tasks, the last
package holding maven2-core.
- Some packages still fail to build due to missing junit/junit4
dependencies. I'm fixing them as they are reported by the reproducible
builds notifications.
- The maven dependencies have been further improved, we are now down to
37 packages downloaded (11MB) for 15MB on disk. There is still room to
shave ~2MB more by splitting libwagon2-java.

Emmanuel Bourg

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