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Re: Java9: 90 broken by -source/-target

 Aug 31, 2017 le 06:42:28PM +0200, Emmanuel Bourg êcrit:
> Le 31/08/2017 à 14:20, Chris West a écrit :
> I don't think we should touch the compiler, or the peanut gallery will
> scream in horror and complain that Debian's OpenJDK isn't Java. Let's
> fix Ant first and see what's left.

I think all the remaining problems hit either:
 * -Dant.build.javac.source: https://bugs.debian.org/873969 , or
 * <javadoc source="1.[345]: https://bugs.debian.org/873977

But, who knows what we'll find with those fixed.

> If a package calls javac or javadoc > directly (like junit [1]) a bug
> can be raised right now.

Done. It was only about 30.

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