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Re: RFS: smali-1/1.4.2-1 [ITP]

Hi Markus,

That makes sense, I'll rename it to libsmali-1-java and move it to
android-tools. Although I think it would also make sense if you had
put libsmali-java in pkg-java in the first place, since it's just a
Java library.

Both WALA and Jack use APIs in dexlib that are removed in dexlib2.
When I was trying patching the code I got thousands of compilation
errors. I suppose dexlib2 must has lots of breaking changes, although
I'm not familiar with the library.

Even if I'm familiar with the library, I can't make sure that no bugs
are introduced.

Due to such vast changes between the 2 major versions, third-party
projects might not consider migrating to dexlib2 anytime soon.

Kai-Chung Yan

2017-02-18 5:28 GMT+08:00 Markus Koschany <apo@debian.org>:
> On 16.02.2017 11:12, 殷啟聰 wrote:
>> Hi pkg-java team,
>> I have prepared for a new source package smali-1 [1] which builds the following:
>>   * libsmali-dexlib-1-java
>> It is the version 1.x of dexlib which is incompatible with dexlib2 in
>> the existing libsmali-java [2] but is need by both Jack (The Android
>> compiler) and WALA (Java bytecode analysis).
> Hi,
> I would move smali-1 to the android-tools repo as I did with
> libsmali-java. I also suggest to rename the source package to
> libsmali1-java or libsmali-1-java. I'm not sure if we really should
> package another version of smali though. How much work would it be to
> make the WALA and Jack code compatible with the most recent version of
> smali?
> Regards,
> Markus

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