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Re: Scala 2.10

Hi Emmanuel,

On Tue, 2016-11-15 at 14:43 +0100, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Hi Marko,
> The scala-2.10 package is ready, I pushed it to alioth [1] and I
> uploaded the binaries to the pkg-java APT repository on alioth. You can
> install it by adding this entry to /etc/apt/sources.list:
>     deb https://pkg-java.alioth.debian.org unstable/
> scala-2.10 is co-installable with the latest scala package and shares
> the same alternatives mechanism. The binaries are installed in the
> /usr/share/scala-2.10 directory, and the Maven artifact are installed in
> /usr/share/maven-repo with the 2.10.x generic version.
> I packaged the version 2.10.5, let me know if the latest 2.10.6 is
> necessary for SBT and I'll update the package.

Thank you for doing this!

I'll take a look and give it a try with SBT. My plan is to try to build
SBT with pbuilder, and as far as I can tell, pbuilder has an option
--othermirror that I'll be able to use to specify the APT repository
you've uploaded scala-2.10 to. Once I have something (either a success
or a failure), I'll let you know.

Also a 'thank you' goes to Tony for offering help, but you Emmanuel were
faster with the scala-2.10 package.

Marko Dimjašević <marko@dimjasevic.net>
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