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Different Java library versions


I'm packaging Processing (https://processing.org/), and I'm planning
to split it into three packages: processing, processing-doc, and
libprocessing3-java. I understand from
that I'm supposed to create /usr/share/java/processing-core-3.1.1.jar
in libprocessing3-java. However, I don't understand how to satisfy the

> Some package must also provide a symbolic link from packagename-extraname.jar to the most compatible version of the available packagename-extraname-version.jar files.

Clearly at the moment I could just package a symlink
/usr/share/java/processing-core.jar →
/usr/share/java/processing-core-3.1.1.jar, but what happens when I
package libprocessing4? How do I determine the "most compatible
version" of the library, and create only the correct symlink?

George Bateman.

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