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Re: Problems to find classes that should be in itext1.jar

Le 23/05/2016 à 15:53, Andreas Tille a écrit :

> Source/mesquite/genesis/lib/RateMatrixGTRModel.java:29: error: cannot find symbol
>         TransitionProbability transProbs = null;
>         ^
>   symbol:   class TransitionProbability
>   location: class RateMatrixGTRModel

TransitionProbability.java is in the LibrarySource/pal/substmodel
directory, did you remove it from the upstream tarball?

>   symbol:   class MRJOSType
>   location: class MesquiteFile
> Source/mesquite/lib/MesquiteFile.java:1068: error: cannot find symbol
>                                                 MRJOSType type = MRJFileUtils.getFileCreator(writingFile);

If the MRJ stuff is specific to OS X I guess you can remove it.

Emmanuel Bourg

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