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Re: API changes tracker for Java libraries

Hi Andrey,

Le 26/03/2016 16:15, Ponomarenko Andrey a écrit :

> I've just opened the new API changes tracker for Java libraries: http://abi-laboratory.pro/java/tracker/
> As the first step I've prepared reports for a random set of libraries: Android, Berkeley DB JE, Commons Collections, Hadoop, log4j and SLF4J.
> The reports are generated by the new 1.5 version of the japi-compliance-checker tool. It's a big and useful update and it's highly recommended to update the tool if you are using it in your project: https://github.com/lvc/japi-compliance-checker
> I'd like to ask the community what other libraries would you like to see in the tracker?

Thank you for japi-compliance-checker, I often use it to check the
compatibility when upgrading sensitive libraries. The Apache Commons
libraries aren't very interesting to track because they almost never
break the compatibility by policy (note that you should split
commons-collections and commons-collections4, these are two distinct
APIs that can coexist in the same classpath). Some libraries I'd like to
see in the tracker are BouncyCastle, ASM, CGLIB, Guava, Jetty, ICU4J, JNA.

If I may suggest an improvement to the tool, it would be to compare two
jars specified by their Maven coordinates. Something like this:

   japi-compliance-checker org.apache.commons:commons-io 2.4 2.6

That would be a huge time saver.

Thank you,

Emmanuel Bourg

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