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jacoco is Debian?


  The last upstream version of picard-tools is using jacoco for its
tests. A quick glance at the upstream website [1] convince me that
this is a too big java software for me to package.

  So, for now, I removed jacoco usage in picard-tools tests, trying
to run them without jacoco (copying the previous build.xml)

  I put below what I think is the relevant part in build.xml


[1] http://eclemma.org/jacoco/

    <!-- Import JaCoCo Ant tasks -->
    <taskdef uri="antlib:org.jacoco.ant" resource="org/jacoco/ant/antlib.xml">
        <classpath path="lib/ant/jacocoant.jar" />
    <!-- TEST -->
    <target name="test" depends="compile, set_excluded_test_groups" description="Run unit tests">
        <taskdef resource="testngtasks" classpathref="classpath"/>
        <jacoco:coverage destfile="jacoco.data" xmlns:jacoco="antlib:org.jacoco.ant">
            <testng suitename="picard-tests" classpathref="classpath" outputdir="${test.output}"
                    failureproperty="tests.failed" excludedgroups="${excludedTestGroups}" workingDir="${basedir}"
                    <pathelement path="${classes}"/>
                    <pathelement path="${classes.test}"/>
                    <pathelement path="${scripts}"/>
                <classfileset dir="${classes.test}">
                    <include name="**/Test*.class"/>
                    <include name="**/*Test.class"/>
                <jvmarg value="-Xmx2G"/>

        <junitreport todir="${dist}/test">
            <fileset dir="${test.output}">
                <include name="*.xml"/>
            <report format="noframes" todir="${dist}/test" styledir="etc/test"/>
        <copy file="etc/test/testng.css" todir="${dist}/test" overwrite="true"/>
        <fail if="tests.failed" message="There were failed unit tests"/>

    <target name="test-coverage-report" depends="test" description="Runs tests and creates an HTML code coverage report">
        <jacoco:report xmlns:jacoco="antlib:org.jacoco.ant">
                <file file="jacoco.data"/>
            <structure name="Picard">
                    <fileset dir="classes"/>
                <sourcefiles encoding="UTF-8">
                    <fileset dir="src"/>
            <html destdir="report"/>

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