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be a mentor for Java bits in Android SDK/Tools for GSoC/Outreachy

Hey all,

Its time for 2016's GSoC application process. Last year Markus and I
were the mentors for this project, and we got a lot of solid
contributions included, both for pkg-java and android-tools teams
packages (groovy, gradle, android SDK bits written in C, etc). We also
had lots of student applicants last year, so with more mentors, we could
have a bigger team working this summer, which would mean we could make a
big push towards getting things like gradle plugins or even Android
Studio/IntelliJ in Debian.

I can manage the interfacing with Google and GSoC for those who don't
want to touch that part What we really need are people who are working
on Java/Android packages and are regularly available via email and/or IRC.



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