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Re: plans for eclipse luna in debian

Am 08.12.2015 um 17:40 schrieb Luca Vercelli:
> Any news about it?
> Il 13/11/2015 18:08, Markus Koschany ha scritto:
>> Am 12.11.2015 um 13:25 schrieb Luca Vercelli:
>>> Thank you Markus.
>>> Here I attach a more complete version. Please ignore the file I sent you
>>> before, and consider only this one.
>>> I've written a "README" that should be enough, otherwise just ask me.
>> Hi Luca,
>> thank you for sending the debian directory. I will create a new git
>> repository tomorrow and try to build Tycho.

Hello Luca,

sorry for the late reply. The debian directory that you sent to me was
unfortunately by far not complete to create a working Debian package and
I haven't found the time to wrap my head around the issues.

For instance the tarball from


contains tons of embedded jar files which we must remove to create a
Policy compliant Debian package. The eclipse-bootstrap.sh script creates
directories in /usr/share/maven-repo which requires root permissions.
The other tycho-* shell scripts modify various variables and pom files
with ugly sed commands and in order to build a Debian package we have to
call debian/rules in the end, so all those hacks and commands must be
translated into a working rules file. I know I surely have to blame
myself for writing "to solve this issue with the least amount of effort"
but the current approach is too hackish and would only work for an
unofficial version.

You usually should start with creating a so called orig-tar.sh script
which you can call by using the get-orig-source target in debian/rules.
This ensures that people can download the original sources with just one
command: debian/rules get-orig-source

It's fine to merge the two tarballs into one as described in your README
file. At the same time this target should also remove all files which
are not DFSG-compliant like all jar and class files and files with
non-free licenses.

This wiki page is an excellent resource for writing such
"get-orig-source" targets.


The next step is to convert all scripts that modify the original sources
into patches which are stored in debian/patches with an informative
description and patch header, so that we can properly maintain them in
the future. You can also rewrite maven artifacts and group ids with the
maven.rules or maven.ignoreRules file. Often you won't even need a patch
to accomplish this goal.

At the moment I would rather suggest to start with an easier package
because Tycho doesn't appear to be a rewarding task for people new to
Debian packaging.



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