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Re: Docker image to help debian-java

Le 8/12/2015 13:31, Arnaud Vandyck a écrit :

> Don't hesitate to comment and improve ;-)

Excellent idea, thank you!

Here are a few suggestions picked from my build environment:

- install and configure pbuilder

    sudo pbuilder create --debootstrapopts --variant=buildd

  create /root/.pbuilderrc with:

    EXTRAPACKAGES="default-jdk default-jdk-doc openjdk-7-jdk cdbs debhelper"

- add the experimental repository to the apt sources,
  enable the source repositories

- export MAIL and DEBFULLNAME in ~/.profile (I don't know if Docker
  can prompt for parameters)

- create ~/.lintianrc with:

    color = always
    pedantic = yes
    display-experimental = yes
    display-info = yes

- create ~/.devscripts with:


- install gnupg-agent and modify ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf with:

    default-key <KEYID>

- install sudo

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