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Re: Need a (hopefully) last kick for finalising qualimap

Le 2/12/2015 18:14, Andreas Tille a écrit :

> in the qualimap source tree and at least this should be found, shouldn't
> it?  How can I approach this or is my assumption wrong?

You are confusing the Maven coordinates of the libraries (here
org.bioinfo:bioinfo-ngs) with the Java package name. qualimap and
bioinfo-ng share the same base package (org.bioinfo.ngs) but eventually
live in different packages (org.bioinfo.ngs.qc.qualimap for qualimap,
org.bioinfo.ngs.data and org.bioinfo.ngs.map for bioinfo-ngs).

Your next step is to find the sources of these jars:


Emmanuel Bourg

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