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Bug#783709: warning: [options] bootstrap class path not set in conjunction with -source 1.5

Package: java-common
Version: 0.52
Severity: normal

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Le 29/04/2015 12:30, Mathieu Malaterre a écrit :

> That's exactly my point. AFAIK the debian policy requires that we
> target 1.5. Which means my gdcm.jar will *not* work with an older 1.5
> JDK (at runtime).

gdcm will work with Java 5 as long as newer JDK APIs aren't used.
Pointing the bootclasspath to a JDK 5 installation is a way to guarantee
it, another way is to use a tool like animal-sniffer (and the JEP 247
[1] will bring the same functionality to Java 9).

Regarding the policy we will have to rework it, many packages are no
longer compatible with Java 5 nowadays. And Java 9 will drop support for
the source/target level 1.5 [2].

Emmanuel Bourg

[1] http://openjdk.java.net/jeps/247
[2] http://openjdk.java.net/jeps/182

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