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Stretch Roadmap

Hi all,

I'd like to share my goals for the next release, feel free to comment
and add yours as well so we can coordinate our efforts on the
overlapping topics.

* Java Runtime:
  - Complete the transition to Java 8 (22 FTBFS to go)
  - Provide Java 8 backports for Jessie and Wheezy
  - Start working on the Java 9 transition
  - Ensure our openjdk-8 package passes the TCK
* Maven:
  - Upgrade Maven 3 to the latest version
  - Switch maven-debian-helper to Maven 3
  - Remove Maven 2
* Tomcat:
  - Remove Tomcat 7 (but preserve the Servlet API 3.0 package)
  - Prepare Tomcat 9
* Jetty: Transition to the version 9
* Reproducible builds

These are the items I'm committed to work on. If time allows I may also
work on:

* Gradle upgrade
* Sonatype Nexus packaging
* Gerrit packaging
* Bring back Azureus to life

Emmanuel Bourg

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