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Re: Re: RFS: jffi-1.2.7 and jenkins-1.565.3-4

> Le 04/04/2015 05:22, tony mancill a écrit :
>> The current packaging creates a
>> libjffi-jni binary package that installs an arch:any file under /usj.
>> That's going to break on multi-arch systems because it won't be possible
>> to co-install libjffi-jni:amd64 and libjffi-jni:i386, etc. on the same
>> system.
> I guess jffi-native.jar contains a .so file, in this case it should be
> extracted from the jar and installed in the usual multi arch path under
> /usr/lib/jni.

The upload of 1.2.7-2 to experimental gets rid of jffi-native.jar and
installs the .so into /usr/lib/$(multi-arch-triplet)/jni.

What I don't have is a good reverse dependencies test (jruby doesn't
look like it's ready yet - please correct me if I'm wrong), so please
shout if there are problems and I'll get them resolved.


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