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Re: RFS: eclipse-pydev 3.7.1-1 (new)

On 09/14/2014 06:41 AM, Jakub Adam wrote:
> Dear java packagers,
> I am looking for a sponsor for package "eclipse-pydev".
>  * Package name    : eclipse-pydev
>    Version         : 3.7.1-1
>    Upstream Author : Appcelerator, Inc. and others
>  * URL             : http://pydev.org/
>  * License         : EPL-1.0
>    Section         : devel
> It builds these binary packages:
>  eclipse-pydev - Python IDE for Eclipse
>  eclipse-mylyn-context-pydev - Mylyn context integration for PyDev
> The source code can be found in master branch at pkg-java git repository:
>  http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-java/eclipse-pydev.git
> I would be glad if someone uploaded this package into sid for me.

Hi Jakub,

Sorry for the delay - I took a look at this and think there might some
additional work needed in d/copyright, based on the output of:

$ licensecheck -r --copyright . | grep Copyright | sort | sort -u

So it's not that there are any license issues (that I'm aware of), just
a few additional people who need to be listed in the Files: * section,
since the FTP team typically catches these during their review.
Examples include Johnah Graham, Jin Jong, Hussain Bohra, Electronic
Arts, etc.

I can work on this, but it might be a few weeks.  Or, let me know if you
have made updates and think the package is ready.


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