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Re: Bug#741258: libphonenumber packaging, libre2, ...

On 24/06/14 13:04, Fredrik Roubert wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 14, 2014 at 3:16 PM, Fredrik Roubert <roubert@google.com> wrote:
>> As of r671, these changes have now been committed upstream.
> Is there now anything else with which you need my help, in order to
> proceed with this?

The package is in the NEW queue:


It can take a few weeks for the FTP masters to approve something in the
NEW queue

In the meantime, these other things are not on the critical path but are
a good idea:

- getting libre2 into wheezy-backports - then we can release
libphonenumber as a backport too

- updating the version number in debian/copyright in SVN (see the email
thread about version numbers) - this doesn't impact the official
packages because I fix up the version number manually when I build a
package to upload.  But if you set the version correctly in SVN, it will
be more convenient for users who want to build their own packages from SVN.

- packaging the JavaScript - I saw the reply about that, but I haven't
had time to do anything with that myself.  I may come back to that or
somebody else may contribute a patch.

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