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Trouble with Debian versioning for JAR/POM when upgrading jackson-core

Hi *,

as already talked about in IRC, I’ve been trying to update the
three jackson thingies as they are dependencies of something I
need to package for Debian at work, and have been running into
trouble, some of which I could fix and some I couldn’t.

My current state of work is here:

My problem with this is that, while it does build, the file
lists differ.

libjackson2-core-java_2.2.2-1_all.deb had:


libjackson2-core-java_2.3.3-0tarent1_all.deb has:


So obviously, the replacing of 2\..* with 2.x is no longer
working, but I fail to figure out why. The ./target/pom.properties
file contains, after build, “debianVersion=debian”,
but I cannot figure out where t̲h̲a̲t̲ comes from.

Any advice, as well as gentle kicking into the correct
direction (since I need to learn it so I can train our
Java™ devs in it) appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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