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Re: SVN to Git migration script for pkg-java

FYI, my sync2git project (on Github) has some general purpose scripts
that may be useful, e.g. for helping build authors.txt

It doesn't have any special knowledge about handling Debian source
packages though.

On 04/06/14 16:07, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Hi all,
> I prepared a script to migrate a package from SVN to Git. I tested it on
> a couple of packages and it seems to work fine. The script is available
> on alioth at:
>     http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-java/pkg-java-svn2git.git
> Migrating a package is as simple as typing:
>     ./migrate-svn-repo-to-git <packagename>
> This will perform the following tasks:
> - Clone the SVN repository using git-svn into a new Git repository. The
> history is preserved with the exact author names and tags.
> - Create an upstream branch such that the package can then be maintained
> with git-buildpackage (git-import-orig will work out of the box)
> - Update the Vcs-* fields in debian/control
> - Add an entry in debian/changelog mentioning the migration
> - Push the new Git repository on alioth under pkg-java
> - Add a MOVED_TO_GIT.txt file in the SVN repository containing the
> location of the new repository.
> The last two steps are optional, the user is prompted before executing
> them. I usually run the script once without publishing anything and
> check if the history is fine. I then restart and push the changes. The
> old packages who migrated from CVS tend to have weird tag names that
> need to be corrected manually.
> Feel free to modify the script if you want to improve it.
> Disclaimer: I don't plan to start a mass migration of our packages, I'm
> aware not everyone likes Git and this would be very time consuming to do
> it right. But at least if someone want to migrate its package we now
> have a tool do to is consistently across the team.
> Emmanuel Bourg

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