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openjdk-8 package available for review

Hi all,

I have completed the first steps to package OpenJDK 8 and it's now
possible to play with the package. I have uploaded amd64 binaries for
those interested in testing this quickly:

The source package is available on alioth, instructions to download the
upstream tarball are in debian/README.source:


There is substantial work left to have a perfect package though:

- The PulseAudio driver (previously provided by IcedTea) is missing
- The font configuration has been disabled
- Patch the langtools to bootstrap with gcj instead of openjdk-7-jdk
- Tests aren't enabled yet. Running the TCK would be nice too.
- Some patches from openjdk-7 have been commented out, they are marked
with 'FIXME' in debian/rules. Help from C/C++ experts would be welcome
to update them.
- Add a debian/watch file
- Update debian/copyright
- Build and test on more architectures
- Migrate debian/rules to dh
- Fix the lintian warnings
- Test, test and test again :)

Have fun!

Emmanuel Bourg

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