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Re: Bug#705565: Getting closure compiler back in testing?

On 30/12/13 20:35, Thomas Koch wrote:
> On Monday, December 30, 2013 10:19:53 AM Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> Tony made some commits in Git and it appears he is working to resolve this
>> The rename of the binary package from libclosure-compiler-java ->
>> closure-compiler should probably be done now as well to get this out of
>> the way well before the Jessie release.
>> I've made the changes for a rename on a branch called "pkgrename" and
>> pushed that into Git
>> Tony, are you making another upload shortly, would you like to merge
>> pkgrename perhaps?
> closure compiler is also a library dependency, e.g. of gwt. It might be a good 
> idea to provide two binary packages, one for the library jar and another one 
> for the manpage + executable.

That is awkward with an executable JAR, it is just a single artifact
that can be used either way

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