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Package libjide-oss-java

Hi Java Team,

i'm maintaining the MediathekView package for Debian. The developers of
this Java application have decided to work with the jide-oss [1] library
which hasn't been packaged yet. I have already prepared a Debian package
for jide-oss [2] and i intend to file an ITP bug report within the next
few days.

Although i'm willing to maintain the package myself, i figured a java
library would be better off in a dedicated team and i also prefer team
maintained packages. So if you are interested in it, i would happily put
the package under the umbrella of the Java Team.

I saw that Andreas Tille brought this topic up for discussion two years
ago because he wanted to free the igv package. I think i have managed to
create a DFSG free jide-oss package, the license is GPL-2 with classpath
exception, and it builds fine without the Apple laf classes. Probably
more packages could benefit from the jide-oss package and convenience
copies could be removed.

Please let me know if you think jide-oss can be integrated in your team.
Every other feedback is also much appreciated.



[1] http://www.jidesoft.com/products/oss.htm
[2] https://mentors.debian.net/package/libjide-oss-java
[3] http://lists.debian.org/debian-java/2011/03/msg00002.html

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