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Bug#699757: Java 6 support ending, Java 7 not in squeeze

If you ware not aware, with your bug report you reached the debian-java ML.
Usually to keep up with Java development in Debian, please subscribe to the
list, archives can be found at https://lists.debian.org/debian-java/

Am 04.02.2013 18:27, schrieb Christian Bernardt:
> Package: default-jdk
> Version: 1.6-40
> Debian squeeze does provide openjdk-6-jdk as part of its default-jdk package.

yes, and most likely not to change.

> Here it can be seen that http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/eol-135779.html Java 6 end of support will be end of this month.

this is for binaries distributed by Oracle.

> We are relying on Java 7 and are supporting Debian squeeze.

It's nice to hear that you are supporting Debian squeeze, however Debian never
did release OpenJDK 7 in squeeze.  Or do you suggest helping to support
OpenJDK-7 in the upcoming Debian wheezy release?

> Will you not support Java  any longer or will openjdk-7-jdk be available on squeeze?

Again, best join the discussion on debian-java, and step up for things you are
able to do.

> If you are not supporting java 7 what is the official repository or source that should be used to install java 7 on debian squeeze?

If you don't create one, there is none.


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