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Re: make-jpkg doesn't provide default-jre-headless

It seems there is a difference between the dependencies of tomcat6 on
Ubuntu and Debian :



On Debian it's always default-jre-headless or java2-runtime-headless,
that's ok for the package built by java-package. But on Ubuntu
java2-runtime-headless is never listed, so I guess it falls back to
default-jre-headless and pulls OpenJDK.

Emmanuel Bourg

Le 18/02/2013 16:37, David Gerard a écrit :

> That version doesn't claim to provide default-jre-headless either. I
> know Cedric just grabbed the ancient package and made it work with
> Oracle Java 6 and 7, so I'm presuming the ancient versions didn't
> provide default-jre-headless either ... This may be a mystery lost to
> time.
> Cedric, do you remember anything about make-jkpg and default-jre-headless?
> I'll try my version with files j2sdk.sh and j2re.sh changed to claim
> to provide default-jre-headless and I'll report back if I do end up
> shooting my foot off :-)

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