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Assorted questions on java, eclipse packaging


I've looked into the eclipse-wtp package, learned about the jh_* helpers for 
eclipse and tried to apply them to the wtp-jsf plugin. Some questions:

- The JST project comes in an SDK and non SDK version. Which one should I 

- Do you know a good tutorial on how the eclipse plugins build work?

- I believe it should be possible to write a tool that automatically writes 
the debian/eclipse.features file. That means resolving the dependencies 
between features of the package and finding the external dependency features 
of each feature to package. Do you agree? Do you think it'd make sense to try 

- Do you like Perl? Is it just tradition and momentum that the jh_* tools are 
written in Perl and would you rather prefer new tools to be written in Python? 
But I think I'll need to get used to Perl if I want to contribute more to 
Debian... :-(

- What's the difference between /usr/lib/eclipse and /usr/share/eclipse? I've 
both folders on my system.

- Has anybody tried to get patches included in eclipse? The pde-build script 
looks like it could use some cleanup...

- I've finally read a bit about OSGi now and noticed that the OSGi world also 
does some kind of packaging. I'd like to explore how the Debian repository 
could also become an OSGi repository and thus attract more users. Some OSGi 
repos are:

  - [[http://ebr.springsource.com/repository][Springsource Enterprise Bundle 
  - [[http://www.osgi.org/Repository/HomePage][OSGi-Allianz]]
  - [[http://felix.apache.org/obr][Apache Felix]] (RFC 112)
  - [[http://www.eclipse.org/orbit][Eclipse Orbit]]
  - [[http://bundles.sonatype.org][SonaType Nexus]]

Thank you,

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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