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Re: openjdk maintenance for wheezy and squeeze

On 2013-02-18 08:23, Andreas Kuckartz wrote:
> Niels Thykier:
>>>  - Updating to openjdk-7 in wheezy would not solve any issues from my
>>>    point of view, and it would need some porting of packages to 7, and
>>>    probably removing some packages which are not yet ported.
>>>    Otoh removing openjdk-7 for wheezy could be an option if only one
>>>    version should be supported for a stable release.
>> We tried to accomplish this (replacing openjdk-6 with openjdk-7) a
>> couple of months before the freeze; there was too much then and the
>> freeze has not changed that.
>>   * Even if we were to change the default to OpenJDK-7, we would still
>>     have a lot way to go before we could get rid of OpenJDK-6.
> Can you provide more info on what "too much" and "a lot" consists of ?
> Cheers,
> Andreas

Certainly (btw, I meant to write s/a lot/a long/).

When we tried to replace OpenJDK-6 with OpenJDK-7 as default-java, we
mostly focused on problems that would occur by OpenJDK-7 now being the
JDK used for building.  We mostly ignored all the packages that
explicitly (build-)depended on OpenJDK-6.  The todo list I used for this
purpose is available at [1].  Keep in mind that it hasn't been updated
for 6-8 months now (but given the freeze, I doubt there has been a lot
of improvement in this area).


[1] http://titanpad.com/WciYqDGRNd

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