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Debian+Git workflow: first steps

hi again,

Sorry for the delay. I'm getting started with the freeplane package
(which I moved to git a few weeks ago).

So I'd like to make the JavaGit wiki more verbose and learn along the
way :-)

(0) I converted the freeplane package from svn to git, so it doesn't
contain any upstream source. Is it a problem that the branch "upstream"
does not exist?

$ cd freeplane
$ git-import-orig --pristine-tar -u1.2.20 ../freeplane_srcpure-1.2.20.tar.gz

Where freeplane_srcpure-1.2.20.tar.gz contains only *.properties,
*.java, *.xml, *.png, MANIFEST.MF and this:
(so I don't need to filter anything)

=> I guess I shouldn't push this until I know I've done it 100% right,
or is there a way to undo this?

=> git-import-dsc is only necessary when I do not have a SCM-Repo for
the package (when I only have the source package)?

"You may want to make two imports with git-import-orig for each new
upstream tarball. The first import is without any filtering and saves
the original tarball as it for later reference. The second import adds a
"+dfsg" suffix to the tarball, filters all jar files and is the one
actually uploaded to debian."
=> I don't need this because I use the "srcpure" tarball?

(2) I modify debian/*, learn quilt etc. and build each intermediate
version with git-buildpackage.

Questions concerning the "Typical git workflow":
- "remove patches applied upstream" => I thought the patches are applied
  from debian/patches? Shouldn't it read "remove/add Debian patches"?

- debcommit -a: does a git commit based on a changelog message

- git-buildpackage: build the current state of the package
(documentation here: http://honk.sigxcpu.org/projects/git-buildpackage/manual-html/gbp.building.html)

- what is the benefit of cowbuilder / pbuilder / chrooting?
  When do I need this?

- dch -r (Finalize the changelog for a release): shouldn't we use
"git-dch"? -> see

One more question:
=> would you recommend to use quilt or gpb-pq?
(https://honk.sigxcpu.org/piki/development/debian_packages_in_git/ seems complicated...)

The rest is not yet relevant for me :-)

Thanks and I wish you great holidays!
Felix Natter

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