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Re: Questions about simplyhtml[-freeplane] package


Felix Natter said:
> shall I continue to put you in CC:? Please don't put me into CC: as I am
> subscribed to debian-java :-)
You indeed don't need to CC me.

> => thanks, now I have this in the parent directory of my checkout:
> simplyhtml/
> simplyhtml_0.16.05-1.debian.tar.gz
> simplyhtml_0.16.05-1.dsc
> simplyhtml_0.16.05.orig.tar.gz
Can it be that you mixed up svn-buildpackage and dpkg-buildpackage:
svn-buildpackage works with only simplyhtml/debian checked-out from SVN,
but then you need to have the source file in tarballs/ directory. Or you
merge manually the debian directory and the sources and you can then use

> BTW: my post concerning the relationship of freemind 1.0.0 and
> simplyhtml 0.16.05 is unanswered:
>   http://sourceforge.net/projects/freemind/forums/forum/22101/topic/6359977
Perhaps you should directly contact Christian (upstream), but you can
start with (d) aka ignore, ugly but not more, and once you're finished
with simplyhtml + freeplane, go with (a) or (c), with an updated version
of simplyhtml resp. freeplane package. Probably simpler than fix all at

Hope this helps, Eric

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