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Re: New package maintainer (assistant)

Thomas Koch <thomas@koch.ro> writes:

> Felix Natter:
>> > the repository with pristine-tar. Are you familiar with pristine-tar?
>> No, not yet. I don't understand this: "pristine-tar can regenerate a
>> pristine upstream tarball using only a small binary delta file and a
>> copy of the source which can be a revision control checkout."
>> => if "pristine tar" is the original tarball, how does it differ from
>> "the source"? Do you have good documentation about this?
> the source=a specified commit in the Git repo that has exactly the same 
> content then the tar file
> A tar file contains a bit more information then Git can store, e.g. file 
> permissions, empty directories. Pristine tar remembers those differences and 
> can recreate the bit-exact tarball from a commit and the delta information.


>> >> - Concerning the conversion svn->git:
>> >>   - In order to create a new package repo or convert a svn package
>> >>   repo,
>> >>   
>> >>     I only need to do this:
>> >>       git clone
>> >>     
>> >>     fnatter-guest@git.debian.org:/git/pkg-java/pkg-java.git [1] but
>> >>     NOT get the team packages using "mr checkout", right?
>> > 
>> > No. There shouldn't be any git repo called pkg-java.
>> But this is written in the wiki, section "Obtaining the master
>> repository", and I can check "pkg-java" out.
>> Or did you mean to say "we don't need pkg-java.git for converting a
>> package from svn to git"?
> I'm sorry. I wasn't aware of the wiki docu for pkg-java. Just ignore pkg-java 
> for now. I don't think it's too useful for a beginner.
>> Ok, let me get this straight:
>> 1. I create the repo on alioth as described in "Create the git
>>    repository on git.debian.org" heading [1] (./setup-repository)
>>    => the output will tell me (part of) the repo name that I will have
>>    to push to later
>> [1] What's confusing is that alioth.debian.org and git.debian.org have
>> different IPs, but if I log into git.debian.org I am greeted with
>> "Alioth"... (and I can't log on to git.alioth.org).
> Yes. Ignore. No idea what magic is applied here.

There is a problem in "setup-repository":
I get "[: 13: freeplane: unexpected operator" (but the script still

It looks like for non-bash shells we need "=" instead of "==":
if [ "$pkgname" = "" ]; then


I probably need to create a new package "simplyhtml-freeplane". Is there
a script that creates the basic files?

If I want to start with the "simplyhtml" files, how about the following
(will document this in the wiki)?

- ./setup-repsitory simplyhtml-freeplane (on git.debian.org...)
- git clone git+ssh://fnatter-guest@git.debian.org/git/pkg-java/simplyhtml-freeplane.git
- add debian/...
- git add ...
- git commit -m "Initial version"
- git push

I guess it's not necessary to import the history from "simplyhtml"
because this is a new package?

Felix Natter

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