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tomcat-apr maven artifact


I'm packaging libapache-sshd-java (#683639, gerrit dependency) which depends 
on the maven coordinates 

The classes found in the .jar seem to match the package org.apache.tomcat.jni 
found in tomcat-coyote.jar from libtomcat7-java. However tomcat-coyote.jar has 
many more classes and libtomcat7-java even many more jars.

It seems that the newer tomcat versions did not package this classes as 
separate jar anymore (why?) which might be the reason why apache mina and sshd 
still depend on the 5.5.x version.

Is my analysis correct?

Do the tomcat maintainer think they could build an additional binary package 
containing just the org.apache.tomcat.jni package?


Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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