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check your debian/watch file if it checks correct upstream version


 Some of packages Java team maintain doesn't watch correct upstream version.
 Here's a list.

package			upstream version by debian/watch
jenkins-winstone*[DM]	disabled-ajp
colorchooser*		javadoc
jnr-x86asm*		master
jruby-joni*		master
libbytelist-java*	master
jcodings*		master
jffi*			master
jaffl*			master
libhamcrest-java*[DM]	php-1.1.0

 Today I've updated libjruby-joni package to watch upstream version correctly
 (it watched master branch in github) and also update jcodings package to build
 newest libjruby-joni.

 During that work, I noticed jcodings package doesn't watch correct version, too.
 Developer's Overview says newest upstream is "master". With checking, other some
 of other packages seem to be same state.

 So please check&update above packages' debian/watch file if you can.


 Hideki Yamane     henrich @ debian.or.jp/org

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