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RFS: sqljet 1.1.3-1

Dear java packagers,

I am looking for a sponsor for package "sqljet".

 * Package name    : sqljet
   Version         : 1.1.3-1
   Upstream Author : TMate Software Ltd.
 * License         : GPL-2
   Section         : java

It builds those binary packages:

  libsqljet-java -- Pure Java implementation of SQLite database management system
  libsqljet-java-doc --  API documentation for libsqljet-java

Package source can be accessed at pkg-java git repository:


 SQLJet is a software library that provides API that enables Java application to
 read and modify SQLite databases. SQLJet does not support SQL queries; there is
 an API to work with the database on a lower level.
 SQLJet Major Features:
  * Fine-grained API to create, read and modify SQLite databases.
  * Database format is fully compatible with SQLite 3.6.
  * No native binaries are needed.
  * Current version only supports SQL in schema.

 Package is required as a dependency of new version of svnkit.

 This package is not aspiring to be released as part of Debian Wheezy (i.e. for unstable only).

I would be glad if someone uploaded this package for me.

Kind regards,

Jakub Adam

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