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RFS: objenesis 1.2+full-2 (updated)

Hi Team

I am looking for a sponsor for an update to package "objenesis".

* Package name    : objenesis
  Version         : 1.2+full-2

This update includes:

  * Team upload
  * Apply patch from Moritz Mühlenhoff <muehlenhoff@univention.de>
    to install objenesis jar in /usr/share/java (Closes: #667000)
  * d/libobjenensis-java.poms: ignore tck module
  * d/copyright: update to spec 1.0, fix Source to indicate correct location
  * remove patch to ignore tck module, as d/libobjenensis-java.poms
    configuration takes care of this issue already.
  * d/control: update Standards-Version: 3.9.3, no change.

It would be great if someone could review and upload this package for me.



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