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Re: RFS: swtchart 0.8.0-1 (new)

Hi Niels,

You probably need to export JAVA_HOME in d/rules - as I recall, make
does not export variables to subprocesses by default.


The "cp d/build.xml build.xml" can probably be replaced by
"dh_auto_build -- -f debian/build.xml" (plus a correction to build.xml's
base dir).

This didn't work, dh_auto_build didn't execute any action. Most probably
it couldn't detect the ant build system in the first place, as in fact
the upstream tarball has no build system at all, apart from Eclipse
project files.

But it's possible to directly call "ant -f debian/build.xml" instead of
dh_auto_build, so I did it this way.

The javadoc is installed in libswtcharts-java and libswtcharts-java-doc.

Fixed to install only to libswtchart-java-doc.



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