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Re: RFS: glassfish 1:2.1.1-b31g-2 (add maven artifacts for jmac-api + bump S-V)

Hi Tony,

I notice that the new version of the package installs the jmac-api-2.1.jar into /usr/share/maven-repo/.../ instead of
/usr/share/java and then creates a symlink in /usj/glassfish-jmac-api.jar to it. In the previous version of the package,
the glassfish-jmac-api-2.1.1-b31g.jar was in /usj.

Is the move intentional?

It was not really my intention, but the result is consistent with the other packages created from glassfish source,
see glassfish-activation[1] for example, also installs jar into maven repo.

Moreover, creating just a symlink in /usj seems to be in accordance with Debian Maven Repo Specification[2]:

Artifacts MUST be installed into $REPO/$GROUPID/$ARTIFACTID/$VERSION/ where $GROUPID is the result
of groupId.replace( '.', '/' ). The pom.xml files MUST be installed as $ARTIFACTID-$VERSION.pom
and jar files as $ARTIFACTID-$VERSION.jar. A unversioned symlink $ARTIFACTID.jar to the jar file
SHOULD be installed into /usr/share/java/.

Let me know if you see any problem in this.



[1] http://packages.debian.org/sid/glassfish-activation
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/Java/MavenRepoSpec

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