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Fwd: package "eclipse" for testing

Hi Eric,

debian-java@lists.debian.org is the list to go. I forward your message.

> hello, seems that generic package "eclipse" doesn't exists on "testing"
> (wheezy)
> i have on my sources.lists only testing main contrib non-free and it's
> stuck to 3.2.2-6.1 even if squeeze is on 3.5.
> i could install it directly with dpkg, and i think it's the only solution,
> since adding squeeze on sources.lists creates a dep conflict with testing.
> but i guess the easiest way for every user would be to have a clone of
> stable package on testing.
> rgds
> Eric

Testing is Squeeze nowadays. Wheezy has become stable since a couple of 
months. You might wanna double-check your /etc/apt/sources.list
Eclipse 3.5 is in testing (=squeeze):

Trying to install eclipse via dpkg might become a dependency nightmare.

Regards, Thomas Koch

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