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Re: Fwd: RFS: lucene3

On 2011-08-22 11:45, Mat Scales wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am forwarding a Request For Sponsorship I made on debian-mentors as
> apparently you guys are the people to ask.
> Regarding not using Jan-Pascal van Best's work as a starting point, it is
> due to having already got a working package done on my own before I was able
> to find Jan-Pascal's work (mostly due to anonscm.d.o being broken).
> Jan-Pascal was packaging upstream 3.0.2 while I have used 3.3.0. I have done
> a thorough search through his packaging to find differences. Most things are
> in my own packaging or obsoleted by upstream changes, but there are two
> things remaining which I have noted for inclusion in the next version (OSGi
> metadata and splitting off -contrib as a new package)
> [...]


Please use the OSGi metadata from experimental (there is an error in the
one from sid/wheezy) as base.
  Secondly, do you have any idea how compatible the API is between
lucene2 and lucene3?  Eclipse currently uses lucene2, but if the API is
compatible, we can look at convincing eclipse (and other packages) to
use lucene3 instead.

Finally, Eclipse is unreasonably picky about this (#587657) so it breaks
everytime the Bundle-SymbolicName or Bundle-Version is touched.
  This means that if/when eclipse migrates to lucene3, we (= the eclipse
maintainers) would like a heads-up before new versions of lucene3 is


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