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Re: RFS: lucene3

[Forwarded due to not hitting "Reply to all"]

Hi Damien, thanks for your time.

> You should try to contact directly Debian Java Team on debian-jav@l.d.o for
> Java sponsoring.

Ah, thanks, I will!

> Why is your package not based on initial work done by Jan-Pascal van Best ?
> svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-java/trunk/lucene3

My first reason was that when I saw that Jan-Pascal had done some
packaging work I went to see what he had done - and the code was gone!
 I now know that this was actually because of a problem with
anonscm.debian.org/viewvc, but it meant that I started my own work
assuming that Jan-Pascal had removed his when he dropped his ITP.

Secondly, when I did find Jan-Pascal's work I noticed that he was
packaging upstream version 3.0.2 (from June 2010) while I had been
working on version 3.3.0 (from July 2011). Most of the work needed
redoing as there have been a lot of changes upstream in between.  I
have done a thorough examination of Jan-Pascal's packaging, however,
and noted anything that my package is missing. There wasn't a lot but
what there was no longer cleanly applies so they have become TODO
items. Most of the rest is simply not relevant any more.

Finally, I admit, there is a certain amount of personal taste
involved. Jan-Pascal's solution is quite a complicated CDBS affair
that doesn't reflect current policy because it is a direct increment
of a package that has been maintained for 6 years, while my own is a
pretty simple pure debhelper package that is quite clean. A new
maintainer of a new package seems like the perfect opportunity to
bring the package up to date.

Phew, I'm not sure any one expected such a long answer, even me :)

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