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Bug#636431: RFP: libcommons-lang3-java -- Extension of the java.lang package (version 3.0)

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name     : libcommons-lang3-java
  Version          : 3.0
  Upstream Authors : Daniel Rall,
                     Stephen Colebourne,
                     Henri Yandell,
                     Steven Caswell,
                     Robert Burrell Donkin,
                     Gary D. Gregory,
                     Phil Steitz,
                     Fredrik Westermarck,
                     James Carman,
                     Niall Pemberton,
                     Matt Benson,
                     Joerg Schaible,
                     Oliver Heger,
                     Paul Benedict
* URL              : http://commons.apache.org/lang/
* License          : Apache-2.0
  Programming Lang : Java
  Description      : Extension of the java.lang package (version 3.0)

 The Lang Component contains a set of Java classes that provide helper
 methods for standard Java classes, especially those found in the
 java.lang package in the Sun JDK. The currently targetted version of
 Java is 1.5 and the following classes are included:
  * StringUtils - Helper for java.lang.String.
  * CharSetUtils - Methods for dealing with CharSets, which are sets of
    characters such as [a-z] and [abcdez].
  * RandomStringUtils - Helper for creating randomised Strings.
  * NumberUtils - Helper for java.lang.Number and its subclasses.
  * NumberRange - A range of numbers with an upper and lower bound.
  * ObjectUtils - Helper for java.lang.Object.
  * SerializationUtils - Helper for serializing Objects.
  * SystemUtils - Utility class defining the Java system properties.
  * NestedException package - A sub-package for the creation of nested
  * Enum package - A sub-package for the creation of enumerated types.
  * Builder package - A sub-package for the creation of equals, hashCode,
    compareTo and toString methods.

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