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Re: Bug#561963: jenkins for Debian (was: Bug#561963: retitling to RFP)

Hi Martin,

Le samedi 30 juillet 2011 18:08:59, martin f krafft a écrit :
> Dear Java team,
> we are currently investigating the possibility of using
> jenkins.debian.net to support building packages directly out of VCS.
> James Page of Canonical has already put a lot of effort into
> packaging jenkins in accordance with Debian policy.
> Would the pkg-java team be able to cooperate with James to get
> jenkins into Debian proper?

Sponsoring and reviewing effort is already underway. AFAIK, many packages have 
been sponsored by me and Tony Mancil.

IIRC, all submitted RFS have been uploaded, but many packages are still 
missing :

James, could you provide a (link ?) to updated status of your packaging effort 
? And is there something we (Debian Java Team) could do to help you ?


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