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Re: Clojure team or maintainence within pkg-java?

On Wed, Jul 06, 2011 at 10:47 -0700, Phil Hagelberg wrote:
> Tom Marble <tmarble@info9.net> writes:

> > My personal opinion is that it's too early to spin up a new
> > team and all the associated infrastructure. Let's work on
> > a design plan and implement the packaging first... It may
> > become clear after this that a new team is indeed justified --
> > esp. to handle bug triage.

> Sounds good to me. My only reservation is I'm only interested in a small
> subset of the traffic on the pkg-java team, but I think that can be
> solved with mail filters.

Same here.

Does this mean that it is OK if we proceed to list pkg-java-maintainers as
maintainers and ourselves as Uploaders? Or would others actually like to see
the creation of a Clojure specific team with all the infrastructure that comes
with it?

[ future packaging ideas ]
> In the long run, once we start seeing various applications written in
> Clojure that end-users would be interested in using, we will need to
> repackage up lots of Clojure libraries as .debs as you suggest. 

I guess that it would be nice to have some helper scripts for Clojure too as
javahelper is not 100% applicable.

> But right now the only people who are interested in using Clojure on Debian
> are Clojure developers. It only makes sense to start with developer tools.
> We only have two people who have expressed interest in helping, and even
> that has only been focused on the relatively small task of getting Leiningen
> and its four dependencies into the repositories, so let's not over-extend
> our reach with premature packaging.

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