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GSoC project to make maven more Debian friendly?


as we've just seen in another thread[1], it's a very hard problem to get java 
stuff into Debian. My naive idea how things could, if ever, get better, is:

- It should become standard, that every jar available on maven[2] should be 
accompanied by a source code package that allows automatic rebuild of the 
binary jar file.
- Everything on maven should have proper license information that should at 
best be machine readable for standard licenses.
- Even better, projects should publish their code only in source form and the 
compilation of the binary jars should be done by the maven repository.
- Maven artifacts should be signed by keys well connected in the web-of-trust.

If we should ever reach those points above, it should become possible to 
automatically build Debian packages from (most) maven artifacts.

Maybe it would help, if Debian started to become a role model and would set up 
a maven repository that works exactly as outlined above? We'd then be able to 
just upload into this maven repository and Debian packages at least for 
libraries could be build automatically from the artifacts.

The goal would be, that java developers start to upload there projects 
themselves into our Maven repo.

Do you think this would make sense? Is so, we could make this a project idea 
for the Google Summer of Code.

[1] How to package Nuxeo DM, a Java EE application, in Debian
[2] "on maven" means the place where your maven usually gets their packages 

Best regards,

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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