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libitext-java - Update to version 5.0.5?

Hi all,

I'm working on packaging Gephi for Debian, and one of it's dependencies
is the iText package. Gephi use version 5.0.1 of the upstream package,
the latest being 5.0.5.

Currently we have 2.1.7 in Debian:

The version jumped directly from 2.1.7 to 5.0.0 (see
http://itextpdf.com/history/ ) however there are some major changes. As
I see it, the most relevant ones are:

* The F/OSS license has been upgraded from MPL/LGPL to AGPL.

* The package names have changed from com.lowagie to com.itextpdf.

* The toolbox and RTF support have been removed: they are now in a
separate project at SourceForge.

So, any code using the current library won't work if we update it to
5.0.x, and any core using the toolbox or RTF parts of the library will

I had a search for dependent packages using apt-rdepends:

  Reverse Depends: libitext-java-gcj (>= 2.1.7-2)
  Reverse Depends: libitext-rtf-java (= 2.1.7-2)
  Reverse Depends: libitext-rups-java (= 2.1.7-2)
  Reverse Depends: liblayout-java (0.2.8.dfsg-1)
  Reverse Depends: libpentaho-reporting-flow-engine-java (0.9.2-3)
  Reverse Depends: pdfsam (1.1.4-1)
  Reverse Depends: pdftk (1.41+dfsg-9)
  Reverse Depends: pescetti (0.5-1)
  Reverse Depends: salliere (0.10-1)
  Reverse Depends: sweethome3d (2.5+dfsg-1)
  Reverse Depends: tuxguitar (1.2-7)
  Reverse Depends: umlet (10.4-1)

So it looks like an update would break a lot of things. The last major
update to this package resulted in the creation of the libitext1-java
package to satisfy old dependencies. Would it make sense to do the same
thing for the update to 5.0.x, or can we coordinate updates to these
other packages?

In the short term I think I plan to patch Gephi to use the current
version in Debian, however I'm happy to get involved in working to move
to version 5.0.x.

What does everyone think?

Andrew Ross

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