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Request for discussion on a standard to configure java daemons


I'm just in a situation, where I have to configure the java heap size for a 
testsystem which runs three different java Debian packages. Each of these 
packages hides the configuration options for the heap space in some other file 
with a different format in a different variable.

Shouldn't we collect all those common options and agree on some naming and 
format conventions. Of course all java executables should have some way to 
configure the jvm that is used to launch this. So the proposal isn't limited 
to server processes. Server packages that could make use of this standard are 
for example: Tomcat, Jetty, Hadoop / HBase / ZooKeeper, glassfish, nailgun(?)
Some other java server packages are RFP or ITP and may also profit from such a 

Things to put in such a standard configuration file:

- max heap size, min heap size
- start jmx?
- enable debugger?
- use security?
- system user / group
- override jvm to use
- which garbage collection to use
- additional items for the classpath
- exclusions for the classpath (must be done by some text processing by us)
- system properties to set
- environment variables to set?
- restart process on exit? (I use the daemon package, where this could be 
- any more?

Should I open a wiki page to collect more thoughts on this?

Additionally we could also agree on a standard place to store STDOUT and 

Best regards,

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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