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Re: RFS: sisc

Hey Torsten,

I uploaded a new version of the package.

On 12 September 2010 18:28, Torsten Werner <twerner@debian.org> wrote:
> At least the copyright holders and/or licenses of the
> following files are not documented:
> doc/sss/dbparam.dsl

Now mentioned in debian/copyright.  The license was not in the files
themselves so I found the correct license from the docbook-dsssl
project's release tarball.

> doc/esub2acm.cls

I now remove this file, and esub2acm.layout,  when repacking. it was
only used to build a PDF version of a related paper which is bundled
with the source, but not built by any targets in 'build.xml'.  It
lacks copyright and a license.  (I've left the paper that uses the
files, in the interests of keeping the diff between the repacked and
upstream tarball minimal.)

> src/sisc/modules/srfi/srfi-*.scm

I have been looking at the way other Schemes handle this.  Many just
give a blanket license for the entire set of SRFIs, which is indeed in
the SRFI spirit.  However, to be sure, I have added individual
copyrights and licenses for the files where SISC uses a reference
implementation of a SRFI.  Let me know if you have any questions as
this process does seem to have some grey areas.

David Banks  <amoebae@gmail.com>

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