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Re: Ant can't find checkstyle

Hi Dmitrijs,

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 11:32 PM, Dmitrijs Ledkovs
<dmitrij.ledkov@ubuntu.com> wrote:
> So I'm gonna try to purge all "external" jar from the source tree and
> try to build just jsword core library and bibledesktop app. And then
> finally I'm gonna start trying to debanise those. Is this generally
> the "right" approach?

sounds good.

> One thing upstream did tell me "we will change anything in
> build.xml/pom.xml etc. to get a Debian package" (well the original
> statement was to get Ubuntu package, but I choose to run $ sed
> s/Ubuntu/Debian/ on all emails from upstreams)


> ps. Anyone willing to checkout jsword and poke it a little bit for the
> most obvious "embedded" dependencies which are not in Debian (known to
> be impossible to package)?

Sorry but I do not have enough time currently.


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